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Hermitage on Mt. Alvernia This island's distinct virtue is that it is home to the highest point in the Bahamas--Mount Alvernia--an astounding 206 feet (63 meters) above sea level On its peak is a monastery called The Hermitage, built by Monsignor Jerome Hawkes, who came to The Bahamas as an Architect and an Anglican priest to repair Anglican churches on Long Island. He was later ordained as a Roman Catholic Priest and became known as Monsignor Jerome Hawkes. Deveaux Mansion The ruins of an 18th-century plantation house. Columbus Point One of the many Indian caves which honeycomb the island, and a conch shell monument to Christopher Columbus, a testament to the locals' undying belief that here marks his first landfall, much to the dismay of the nearby San Salvadorians, who insist that the honor belongs to them.

Boating/Sailing & Diving

Since the day they were first discovered by ship, the 700 islands in The Bahamas have increasingly become a magnet for sea vessels. Fuel up. Chart a course. Uninhabited cays, hidden coves, annual regattas, and modern marinas will sweeten the voyage. Diving Coral reefs. Blue holes. Walls. Caves. Shipwrecks. Sharks. Dolphins. Stingrays. The variety of islands in The Bahamas presents a variety of diving experiences. Beginners and experts are welcome. Lessons and guides can be found throughout the islands. Blue Hole; Out on the bank, this circular depression leads to an 80- to 100-foot descent along the outer walls. Inside the opening, divers often encounter schools of fish, large grouper, and Caribbean reef sharks. White Hole Reef This reef expresses another phenomenon unusual to The Bahamas: circular depressions in the limestone basin that form flat basins surrounded by coral mounds. These sites serve as an oasis for solitary reef and schooling fish.


Bonefishing has become a local favorite within The Islands Of The Bahamas. Bonefishing takes place in the flats, where guides slowly pole small flat-bottomed boats for anglers or the truly dedicated quietly stalk these elusive fish by wading through knee-deep water. These quicksilver fighters, weighing up to 15 pounds, inspire both fly fishermen and spin casters alike with their power and speed. Unpredictable and wily, the bonefish are often found in schools of 100 or more, making for exciting bursts of action. Don’t try to eat these bottom skimmers—you’ll quickly realize how they got their name. Nathaniel 'Top Cat' Gilbert, a native of Cat Island, is an expert fishing guide and Certified Bonefishing Champion, with years of experience. He is a people person, likes to entertain and demonstrate fishing techniques. He knows where all of the good fishing spots are and guarantees that you will see fish.

Flying private

Cat Island-- Island or Cay: Arthurs Town - MYCA, Runway Length x Width: 7,034 x 150, Fuel: No Fuel, Port Of Entry: No, Authority: Govt., Airport View: Airport View. Island or Cay: Cutlass Bay - MYCX, Runway Length x Width: 2,450 x 60, Fuel: No Fuel, Port Of Entry: No, Authority: Pvt., Airport View: Airport View. Island or Cay: Hawks Nest - MYCH, Runway Length x Width: 4,600 x 80, Fuel: 100/ fuel, Port Of Entry: No, Authority: Pvt., Airport View: Airport View. Island or Cay: New Bight - MYCB, Runway Length x Width: 5,065 x 75, Fuel: No Fuel, Port Of Entry: Yes, Authority: Govt., Airport View: Airport View. Island or Cay: Cay Sal - MYCS, Runway Length x Width: 2,000 x 100, Fuel: No Fuel, Port Of Entry: No, Authority: Pvt., Contact: Owner Use.

Getting here

Scheduled Flights: Continental Airlines (operated by Gulfstream Air), Ft. Lauderdale/The Bight, Cat Island [Tuesday/Friday/Saturday]-- Lynx Air, Ft. Lauderdale/Cat Island [Wednesday/Friday/Sunday]-- Cat Island Air, Nassau/Cat Island (Flights daily) Bahamasair, Nassau/Cat Island (flights daily) Pineapple Air, Nassau/Cat Island, [Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday]-- . Charter Flights: Bimini Island Air, Legacy Air Ltd. Regular scheduled charter flights are available to Cat Island from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. or Nassau, Bahamas. Flight schedules may fluctuate, so please contact the airlines to confirm their schedules. Round trip airfare is around $350 from Florida and $160 from Nassau.


Pigeon Creek, located just steps behind the Boathouse, makes for a peaceful, quiet trip through an aquatic wonderland. The creek is a nursery for sea turtles, baby sharks, bonefish, manta rays and other small fish. Paddlers can see them cruising along the sandy bottom or darting in and out of the mangrove trees. If you have never kayaked before, this is the place to learn. Our ocean kayaks are wide and stable and do not restrain your legs or body. They are easy to get in and out of and it is easy to learn for first timers.

Note: There are currently no banks or ATM's on Cat Island. However, the Bank of the Bahamas is building a branch in New Bight which is scheduled to open in August 2007. Also, many of the smaller restaurants and grocery markets do not accept credit cards. US DOLLARS $$ are accepted everywhere, so there is no need to exchange money.