Boathouse too

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Photo Gallery

The ocean right off Boathouse beach is as clear as gin, the sand like sugar

Bonefish feeding on Pigeon Creek. Pigeon Creek runs behind the house, all the way out past Alligator Point to the sea. You can start your journey by launching the kayaks and/or wading right at the rear door.

Beach Cruiser #1 is located in the Boathouse garage. The "Lady Luck" is brand new and was sent to the house October 1, 2010. The use of the bicycles, just like the kayaks & canoe, is free to our guests.

Beach Cruiser #2 is also stored in the Boathouse garage. The "Hell on Wheels" is a cutting-edge new cruiser design by one of the hottest California bike builders.

Beach cruiser #2. This photo of the bike was taken by the bikes designer/builder at his California shop. For fun, I had to include it in the album.

"Electric" Seagrape

Coconut palm

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