Guest's Photo Submissions

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Guest's Gallery

The photos below were taken by various guest's of the Boathouse, and sent to me following their vacation at the Boathouse & Cat Island. All guest's photographs are used with their permission. 

Boathouse beach & tiki hut

Paradise awaits, taken from the sand dune behind the tiki hut

100 foot + visibility

Looks like it's lobster for dinner

Healthy reefs



Scuba diving off Man O' War Point


Around Alligator Point

Healthy reefs, coral & sealife

On the flats behind the Boathouse. Bonefish territory.

Through the mangroves, crystal clear waters and a sea turtle sighting

Kayaking on the back bay with the Boathouse in the background. The ocean and beach is just behind the house & sand dune!

The windward side of the island

Kayaking around the point from the ocean to the back bay at the Boathouse

The cliffs near the Bluff, 10 minute bike ride from the house

Cliff jumping

Cliff jumping II


Going caving near Rokkers

One of dozens of caves on the island

"Cat" Bats

Sunset from the deck

Boathouse panorama looking toward the bay

Windward side near Greenwood

Storm rolling in on the Atlantic side of Cat Island

New Bight International Airport, Cat Island, Bahamas

Alligator Point looking toward Pigeon Cay Beach. Atlantic Ocean in the background.