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 "Spring Break Heaven!"

 Jill & Michael G.




 Moving to the Chilly Northeast from the mild Northwest, I never really knew what winter felt like. This winter broke me down! My husband and I needed an escape and fast!! I found the Boathouse looking on HomeAway 2 years ago after a friend had visited Cat Island. As soon as I saw the beach pictures I was hooked. So I carefully planned our trip and finally got an opportunity to go (3/2011). I can't say enough about this beautiful island, the wonderful people, and the awesome Boathouse. The house itself is clean and perfect. We loved the absolute seclusion and the chance to unplug. The private beach is nothing short of pure heaven and the Tiki hut was a wonderful addition to beat the heat on the sand. It was comforting to have Leslie at Pigeon Cay so close for anything we needed and we recommend going to her dinners. It was nice to meet people from all over the world and share stories. Our stay was all too short, but we definitely will be returning as soon as we can.



5 Stars  

Southeast Texas
This was our 1st trip to the Bahamas and it was a leap of faith to go to an outer island based only on reviews. A storm knocked out the phones and we stayed during a week that Pigeon Cay was closed, so having a vehicle all week was the way to go. With phones and Pigeon Cay open for meals, I believe all we needed was a 2 or 3 day rental. We bought the items we needed for breakfast and light meals and started to the house. The one major road was fine and the ocean views were stunning. The houses and restaurants were close to the road; small structures and kept up in a minimal manner. Our first impression was that these were not inviting places to visit. That impression would change. 

The Boathouse is unique: the downstairs area is for storage and laundry, the wrap around porch includes the shower area, the kitchen/living room area, and the bedroom/toiletry area. All the double doors will lock in an open position so the whole house is open to the wind. When we arrived a nice breeze was blowing so we opened the doors and started to experience the uniqueness. The breeze was wonderful even in late July and the sounds you hear are of the wind and the waves. It was a wonderful way to sleep and to wake up. We could see a few houses on the beach side, but the Boathouse is the only home on the estuary side. With the complete realization of an outside bathing area, and everything in the home in great shape, including the AC, we had everything we needed. 

The beach is the most beautiful beach I have been on. Pigeon Cay is a short walk to the left as you enter the beach and you quickly walk past the homes on the right to a completely natural beach area. The beach turns to volcanic rock before you reach Alligator Point which is one of the most beautiful spots I have seen. We visited the other island resorts and beaches. All of them were absolutely spectacular, but with the Boathouse, a beach that seemed to have no end, and Alligator Point, I never saw anything that made we wish I had another spot. 

We came to Cat Island knowing it was an outer island and we could face some issues. The phones being down and having to use some bug spray were the most that came our way. The actual largest issue we had came on our last day when time returned as a weight on our shoulders. A whole week of tropical paradise and it was ending. We snorkeled and walked the beach one last time. Would we go back? Absolutely! Would we stay at the Boathouse? Absolutely!



Honeymoon at the Boathouse

Daniel & Lauren J.

Lafayette, Louisiana



I just want to say that the Boathouse was exactly what Lauren and I were looking for in a secluded, romantic honeymoon.  The beach was one of the most gorgeous I've seen and definitely the most private.  We have done other "touristy" vacations around the Carribean and I have to say that this was MUCH more relaxing and I can honestly say we enjoyed it much more than a resort type vacation. 

I really loved the wrap around porch on the house and of course the "open" floor plan.  We did a whole lot of relaxing, just laying around in the lounge chairs upstairs.  We loved the bed as well, can't wait to get one at our house!  

I have passed your info to some of my friends that are getting ready for their honeymoons and are looking for some real "one on one" time. 

I can honestly say I really want to return to Cat Island maybe for 2 weeks this time. 


Thank you for lending us your beautiful home. 



Secluded Memorable Beach Getaway


Bill & Alice B

Franklin, Tennessee


This is the kind of place you rarely find. The house is great. The description and photo's are accurate. The house lies just behind the dunes, between an estuary and the ocean. The house was well kept and very clean. The kitchen was well equiped and the gas grill was excellent. Leslie at Pigeon Cay made sure we had everything we needed, including kayaks and canoes. The deck was perfect, since it circled the house you can always find sun or shade. Great bed. Great shower.


The beach was the best we have ever seen, and almost deserted, only once In 7 days did we see any other people.


Cat Island is fun. The locals are friendly and helpful. We always felt welcome and safe. (You will probalby want a car - makes things much easier. Leslie will arrange a car if you ask) Resturants run on "island time" - sometimes they are open and sometimes not - we cooked at the house most nights.


The Boathouse is perfect for a couple looking for a real get away. We would return.










Miles and Stephanie H   

Virginia Beach, VA USA.



The Boathouse was just perfect! This site describes the Boathouse very accurately, but we were still in awe of the beauty of the beach, the water, and the island once we set foot in this paradise. The house was well equipped and had everything we needed. It was easy to get groceries or eat out (the local food was fabulous!) We would recommend having a car to explore this scenic island.


The Boathouse truly is a romantic place to relax on one of the comfortable lounge chairs, experience the cool breeze while taking a warm shower on the deck, or to enjoy the large music and book collections. We felt that we were away from it all, but we were pleased that there was a phone in the house just in case we needed to contact “the outside world.” Of course, the Leslie at Pigeon Cay was close by and helped us with anything we needed. Internet access was close by, and there were beach chairs and plenty of towels and kitchen equipment.


The Boathouse was everything we expected and more. We cannot wait to return.







Chris and Sarah P   

Buffalo, New York



You won't be disappointed! The Boathouse is everything you'd want in a home away from home... but with an island feel!


It was 10-days of peace, solitude, natural beauty and all the amenities you'd ever need (and then some).


The Boathouse is equipped with everything you'd need to live comfortably during your stay... a very comfy bed, an AWESOME outdoor shower, the deck surrounding all sides of the house, a fully equipped kitchen and living area, grill, etc.... and those are just the highlights!


No matter which direction the breeze was coming from, you could sit out on the deck and enjoy and/or get away from it if that's your preference.


The beach is just a short walk away. There you find the most peaceful and beautiful beach. We spent the majority of our time sitting or walking on the beach, swimming, snoozing, drinking, playing. You're only limited by your imagination. Each day around 4 the little sand crabs would come out of their holes. If you kept very still you could watch them as they explore the beach and waters edge, encounters with their neighboring crabs, etc. It was fun to do as we waited for each night's sunset. And the sunrise was just as spectacular and could be viewed from the deck just outside the bedroom.


Of course there are plenty of other things to do while you're there. Some things we enjoyed included a long walk on the beach to Alligator point, snorkling, kayaking, a bike ride to the ocean side of the island, a day trip via car to explore the island from tip to tip (we especially liked the north end for views, scenery, etc.), lunch at a local eatery and visit to a local bakery, hike to the highest point on the island (Mt. Alvernia) and canoeing in the bay.


All that and still had time to read a book. One of many selections kept right there at the Boathouse.


If you love relaxing, peaceful and beautiful surroundings, this is the place for you!



The Boathouse on Cat Island was the best


Ray & Susan McD

Surry, Maine


My husband and I were very pleased and not one bit disappointed with our accomodations on Cat Island. The Boathouse was perfect. It was all we were looking for and more. The description of the property was very accurate, we loved having Alligator Creek on one side and the beautiful beach on the other. The house was exceptionally clean and well maintained. Ned and Leslie at Pigeon Cay were great, they know it all about good customer service! They helped us arrange for a car, told us where to get groceries and just really helped us with everything. Everything at Pigeon Cay is very relaxed and friendly. We felt like "family" so to speak. The beaches were pefect, clean, private. We had kayaks, canoes, bikes all at our disposal. Ned even let my husband use one of his fishing rods when his got broken. The people on Cat Island were wonderful, very warm, friendly and sincere people. We felt very safe everywhere we went and all the people really wanted us to enjoy our stay on their island. The food was wonderful, even the meals we cooked ourselves. We plan on going back again next summer. If you are looking for a very quiet, serene place to just get back in touch with nature and humanity you need to try the Boathouse on Cat Island. The house was like living under the stars. It was all a wonderful experience. Ray and Susan




Charming house !

Eric W

Berlin / Germany




I have to apoligize for my bad english and hope everybody understand what I mean.


Now I try to describe the experience we made at this very charming and romantic house.


There's everything you need.

The description of the house and the amenities was accurate.

Everything was clean, enough towels and beach towels.

Beach chairs and umbrella were also available.

The caretakers were awesome, we got everything we need from them (fish, car).

The beach was perfect, best beach I've ever been.

If you want to see something from the island or go shopping you need to rent a car.

The largest supermarket and liquor store is by the airport.

Recommended for: Romantic Getaway





Spectacular !

Bill & Kathy R

Highland Park, Illinois



The Boathouse is exactly as described. It is quiet (except for the birds and the breeze), very well appointed, and is a perfect spot to rest, unwind and enjoy Cat Island.


The house has all of the amenities, including an awesome Weber, and a Select Comfort bed (now I have to get one for home!).


The beach is one of the most beautiful in the world, and on a busy day - we saw 3 other people! The bonefishing was great, but not for the flyfishing beginner (wide open flats white sand flats - skinny water - big fish (all singles or doubles) and no place to hide from the wind.


Cat Island is beautiful, quiet and friendly - and the Boathouse is a great place to enjoy this one-of-a-kind destination. We'll be back!

Recommended for: Adventure Seekers, and Romantic Getaway


As incredible as the island



Steve and Andrea C




The Boathouse was as enjoyable as the island itself and really enhanced our vacation experience. We especially liked the folding glass doors on all sides which we kept fully open to enjoy the sea breezes and varied sunlight. The outdoor shower with plenty of hot water was fantastic. The spacious, shaded deck with luxurious teak furniture made it sometimes hard to choose between lounging on the beach or at the house. In the morning songbirds would frequently alight on the deck railings as we sipped our tea and coffee.


The primary pleasures of Cat Island come from its remote feel and easily found solitude. We were usually alone on most beaches for hours at a time and discovered that the beach at Pigeon Cay is one of the best on the island (and only a two minute walk over the dunes). We also loved to paddle the creek behind the Boathouse and saw dozens of sea turtles of all sizes, as many as eight stingrays at a time, and blacktip sharks swimming underneath our canoe. It was truly exciting.


Ned and Leslie are helpful, friendly hosts who meticulously maintain the house. They gave us good advice not found in the guidebooks and put us in contact with local fishermen who sold us fresh lobster and conch. We cooked almost all of our own meals for our two week stay.


There is nothing else like the Boathouse on Cat Island (or any of the other islands we have visited), and we were thankful that its owners were willing to share it with others.


Recommended for: Adventure Seekers, and Romantic Getaway




Outstanding rental property

Jane and Owen B

Plainfield, VT.



Where to begin...everything was fantastic. The CD's were great - all of our favorites and we had a blast just dancing on the deck, sitting in the chairs, reading, relaxing. Most days we were the only people on the beach. Leslie and Ned were great - there if we needed anything but wonderfully respectful of our space.


- Great shower

- Awesome bed, linen, pillows, towels - all top notch

- Kitchen fully equipped

- The most comfortable lounging chairs we've ever sat in

- Views we never got tired of looking at - got up everyday before the sun rose just to take in as much as possible


You have a beautifully designed house. Simple, yet elegant. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderfull spot for our 25th anniversary.


This is a great place for a quiet and restful vacation. This is the place is for long walks on the beach, other outdoor activities (kayaking, biking), eating well, reading and watching nature. Folks on the island are very friendly and helpful.







Damon B


Bulverde, Texas







Your house is amazing, as well as the island, the people, Leslie & Ned, etc. I’ll try and give you my impressions, but it’s hard for me to say any of it was less than perfect.


• The bed was perfect, probably better than mine here

• The shower was also excellent.

• Beach: perfect

• Fishing: world class. I have been fishing on the fly in Mexico, Keys, Costa Rica, Texas, Canada, Alaska, etc., but this was my first time looking for the bonefish exclusively. The vicinity of the flat of Pigeon Creek to the house is amazing; the amount of fish is ridiculous. There were several days where I made casts to probably 30-40 bones, and one morning I landed 7, with several being large

• Library is great, I read several, and added to it with a few of my own.

• All the maps and guidebook were extremely helpful, and Leslie and Ned I can’t say enough about.


Thank you for letting me spend some time in your home, I am looking forward to visiting again VERY soon.


Thanks again,


Damon B






Tim & Hettie K

Charlotte, North Carolina




¨We loved Cat Island. We have never, ever, met friendlier people anywhere. Rosetta picked us up at the airport and we forgot our camcorder in her car. She was leaving for a wedding in Jamaica the next day, so when we realized the camcorder was missing two days later, we thought it was either gone forever or at least gone for the duration of our trip. We called Mr. Rolle to apprise him of the situation. A few hours later we were on the beach at Pigeon Cay and heard a car horn blowing. We walked over to investigate and found Mr. Rolle with a big grin and our camcorder. That was amazing.¨I think you've done a great thing capturing your fondness for the island and the Pigeon Cay area by staking out such a lovely home in such a special location.¨The highlights:¨The beach was wonderful. The views from the deck were superb. The outdoor shower was a real treat. It's on our "must have" list for our own island home someday. We grilled on the Weber each of the nights we were there. The breezes were delicious and the sunsets were spectacular. The kitchen was great. Being able to cook to such a level - either on the Weber or using the induction cooktop or the convection/microwave - is a real plus. Having local contacts for fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood was very helpful. Having a fridge with an icemaker was awesome. The linens and the bed were great - beyond the level of what we've found before in a private out-island home. The bed was the most comfortable we’ve ever experienced in our 20 years of island travel. That’s a real perk. I was very, very happy to have a telephone. A working phone is on my list of must-haves... not so much so I can make a call, just from a peace-of-mind standpoint knowing someone at home could reach me if the need arose. We took some DVDs and also enjoyed a few from your collection. Everything was in great working order.
Sammy T's was very nice. As I'm sure you know, Sammy has a real heart for Cat Island and its people. He has just gotten himself onto the Out Island Promotion Board and he will do a lot to create more awareness for the island. He doesn't favor any mega-growth and he is committed to maintaining the character of Cat Island. You can tell he really cares about his resort and its guests. The staff was friendly, the grounds and rooms were immaculate, the food was very good, nicely-presented, and reasonably priced. For anyone staying at the Boathouse, dinner at Sammy T's should be on the list of things to do.
We also made the side-trip to the Hermitage and spent a few hours on one of the windward beaches. Both excursions added to our enjoyable week and I would recommend them to anyone visiting the island.

Your homemade maps in the Boathouse Handbook (listing stores, gas station, etc.) were helpful in many ways and I'm glad we had cohesive information source. I did find the little magazine-like booklet at the Boathouse and we appreciated the info it contained. The table of contents had a listing for diving and snorkeling and I was excited to see that listing. You've gotten a lot right with the Boathouse for sure. The ability to take advantage of the breezes - and to move air when there is no breeze - really makes a difference. In that regard, fans, fans, fans - well done in and around the Boathouse. My wife's one critique of the Boathouse was she'd rather the a/c unit was in the bedroom only and it were closed off from the rest of the house. She'd rather cool the bedroom well at night and not worry about the rest of the house.
We had a great time and we loved Cat Island. We'll be back. I don't know if I'd previously mentioned that I used to write for Caribbean Travel & Life magazine - and I look at every trip recap with some of that travel-writer/researcher perspective. What made this a memorable trip? What could have made it better? What would someone else think of the island and the accommodations, etc.? What homework did I fail to do before I got there? I do think it takes a special attitude and hardiness to appreciate the out islands. There are tremendous payoffs you get in exchange for not having room service or guided tours or a maintenance man on-call. I would choose an out island trip - including a little "roughing it" - over a 4-star resort any day. I'd take that deal tomorrow! So no worries at all. We came home with big smiles.
Thanks for all your help and info - and for giving us a great launching pad for our 2007 vacation. I hope our paths cross someday.


Tim K





Ryk & Allison



"Hi Mark,

Well, we’re back home now after a truly enjoyable stay. The Boathouse is a marvelous design which really suits the location. We found that the easy transition from the “indoors” space to the veranda provides the feeling of being in a much larger home. You have obviously given the design a great deal of thought and it has worked out very well. Being in the commercial real estate development industry, I couldn’t help but wonder how you managed to find labor on the island that was able to adapt to the challenges of a rather unique form of construction.

You have thought of everything—the manuals, the maps, the Cat Island booklet, a reasonable selection of movies and books (we enlarged the latter slightly), a great BBQ, good kitchen appliances, a huge cistern for rainwater (treated to ensure that the water was potable), beautiful and comfortable outdoor furniture, an unbelievably comfortable bed and, my personal favorite—a composting toilet. Combined with an amazingly pristine and almost deserted beach, clear warm water, friendly locals and virtually no commercialism, we had a refreshingly restful and rejuvenating stay. Thank you for everything—we sincerely enjoyed it all."




Beverly & Brian D

Connecticut USA



"Hi Mark,

¨Brian and I had a wonderful time staying at your house on Cat Island last week, very peaceful and relaxing. The house was very comfortable(LOVED the views from the deck and the outdoor shower), everything went generally very well (Leslie is a treasure!) And even if an extended stay isn't possible, we definitely intend to spend as much

Time there as we can, coming a little better prepared (cash, food, niceties, etc.) next time. Also a car is a necessity for us at least a couple of times a week, so

I need to work on that as well.

We can't wait to go back!"--- Beverly