Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Liquor & Wine

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Dining options, grocery stores, liquor & wine stores

Dining options to the north of the Boathouse

-Pigeon Cay Beach Club (1/4 mile walk up the beach from the Boathouse) Dinner served for guests of the inn, and for Boathouse guests most evenings. Selected entree per evening which typically features fresh fish, crab, baked chicken. Full bar. PCBC has an honor bar for their guests. Guests of the Boathouse enjoy signing privileges at the honor bar and restaurant and may settled up at departure. 242 354-5084

-Dis We Place (2.5 miles from the Boathouse) Bar & live music. 242 354-1133

-Ducky’s Bar (4.4 miles) Bar with pool table 242 354-6002

-Derrick's Conch Shack (5 miles from the Boathouse.Easy bike ride) Dinner,take away, and cold beer. Fresh couch salad and cracked conch, jerk chicken, curry chicken, snapper, grouper, lobster, curried goat. (depending on season). 242 354-6076

-Sammy T's (5.6 miles from the Boathouse) Restaurant and full bar. Specialties include conch fritters, salads, grilled lobster, snapper, chicken  242 354-6009

-Cookie House Restaurant in Arthur's Town (10.5 miles) Conch fritters, hamburgers. Cold sodas and beer. 242 354-2927

-Boggie Pond Bar & Restaurant (10.7 miles) 242 354-2215

-Periwinkles (12.5 miles) Full bar.Salads,crab,ribs,pork chops  242 354-4151

-Shannas Cove (17.7 miles)

 Lunch and dinner available. Hamburgers,sandwichs,salads, fresh seafood. Call ahead 242 354-4249


Dining options to the South of the Boathouse on Cat Island

-Coconut’s (16 miles from the Boathouse)

 Jerk chicken. Fried fish. Call ahead 242 342-8091


-Fernandez Bay Restaurant (18.5 miles) Full    bar.Conch,burgers,fish,lobster 242 342-3043


-Bluebird Restaurant (22.9 miles)

Lunch and dinner. Fresh fish, chicken, curried goat. 242 342-3095


-Hawks Nest Restaurant & Bar (35 miles)

Lunch and dinner. Sandwiches, burgers, salads,fresh fish,lobster. 242 342-7050


-Greenwood (35.1 miles) lunch and dinner served. Sandwiches, burgers, conch,fresh fish,chicken,salads 242 342-3053






Grocery Stores, Liquor & Wine



--Tito’s (2.2 miles from the Boathouse)

Fresh caught lobster, conch,Red Snapper, Grouper  242 354-1097

 resh lobster, conch,snapper,groupe

-Markham's Food Store (2.2 miles)

Grocery store next door to Tito's, which is run by his brother.  Milk,eggs,juice,cereals, grits, mixes, fresh fruits & vegetables, paper products, cooking oil, soda. 242 354-1098


--Margaret’s (5.2 miles)

 Bakes fresh breads and cakes. 242 354-6068




Orange Creek Grocery Store  (13.4 miles)

Full service grocery located in Orange Creek Fresh vegetables,milk,eggs,butter,cereal,pancake mix,syrup,bottled water,soda,juice,frozen chicken and meats,sundries 242 354-4110


-Liquor & Wines (15.3 miles)

 Complete selection of beer,wine and liquor.

 Beers include Kalik, Heineken, and Stella. Wine selection includes Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Chablis, Pinot Grigio,Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay.

Very good selection of Vodka, Gin, Scotch, Bourbon, Rum, Tequila, Jack Daniel’s


-Smith’s Bay Grocery (17.4 miles)

 Full service. Fresh vegetables & fruits. Frozen chicken & meats, hot dogs, bread, eggs,butter,cereal,juice,soft drinks,ice cream,frozen vegetables,canned goods,cleaning supplies,paper products. 242 342-2042


-New Bight Food & Liquor (21.3 miles)

 Full service. Fresh vegetables & fruits.   Frozen chicken & meats, hot dogs, bread, eggs,butter,cereal,juice,soft drinks,ice cream,frozen vegetables,canned goods,cleaning supplies,paper products.


Good selection of wine, beer, and liquor.


-Two Corners Liquor and Wine (23.5 miles)

 Good selection of beer, wine, and liquor.

 242 342-3169


-Rev Carroll Johnson (delivers to the Boathouse) Fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to our house  242 342-2008